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By Kyddz.Perspective on Feb 02, 2023

Hands on, and very supportive. Being here has taught me even the small victories are worth celebrating but of course not all classes are for me.

By Rashawd Johnson on Feb 01, 2023

Outside of the work that I really want. I've learned a lot of interesting outside work.

By Reggie Coleman on Feb 01, 2023

IMS Chicago campus is amazing, the staff is amazing and scrib in particular has been such a great asset to the school.

By dominique Woods on Feb 01, 2023

This is my 1st time attending a media school and there are a lot to choose from. I am very satisfied with my decision. Chicago campus is located in a prime location in Downtown Chicago. Its right next to the train, post office, many restaurants, hotels, stores and Michigan St. The Art Insititute Is only a couple blocks away, which offers a wide range of exhibits and knowledge. The campus is on the 19th floor, so there are great views of the beautiful city. The campus is big and the entire IMS staff is supportive and amazing from the beginning. There are tons of hands-on learning, workshops and activities here. You definitely will always have projects and job opportunities right at your fingertips. You will be working with really professional equipment and industry professionals. I definitely recommend this school.

By Chaciti Kidd on Feb 01, 2023

It is a great school with real relatable teaching methods and hands on experience for each student and SCRIB is a amazing photographer and a big help to us students.

By Moseh DouGh on Feb 01, 2023

The school is looking like it will be the best thing that can happen for me. Im always around potential stars and the energy is always high.

By Dionne Woods on Feb 01, 2023

I am loving my time at Illinois Media School. I'm getting hands on experience what more can you ask.

By The M3TR01D_Sx on Feb 01, 2023

Currently a student here now. So far within my first 2 weeks, I'm still trying to get the hang of it by balancing life and everything else surrounding that. Overall, I love the energy.

By Marcus Welighnton on Jan 24, 2023

I love the school and the people

By Marquies “Quies-{QC}” Craver on Jan 24, 2023

They get’s thangs done. ✔️

By Jay Lens Production on Jan 24, 2023

I love it here!!

By Tyrone Thornton on Jan 19, 2023

I love the experience and I believe I’m learning from the best instructors and ia’s. I’m willing to learn anything and everything that my brain can fit in it’s memory bank.

By мs вεαυтιғυl on Jan 19, 2023

Media School is the best they teach you how to edit videos and help with doing podcasts of your own and anything that you want for your future

By Isaiah Drapes on Jan 19, 2023

Best School in the city.Sylvia is such a wonderful IA and all the teachers here are so friendly!

By Klauss Bautista on Jan 13, 2023

By Niya Pringle on Jan 12, 2023

This school is amazing I've learned so much. The IA's are very involved and so are the instructors. They really work with you so you have the best learning experience. I highly recommend this school if film and recording!!!!

By Maserati Kevin Jones on Jan 03, 2023

Started a couple of months ago and it has been great so far. Ready for everything that is coming from the school and the opportunities I can get!

By Maserati Jones on Jan 03, 2023

Love the school staff and my peers. Good adjustment to get things started in my new field

By Beauty IsMe on Jan 03, 2023

Love the school overall! So much critical information I'm learning and connections I am receiving!

By Official No Face on Jan 03, 2023

I've been at school here in Chicago Downtown and it's dopeness I really appreciate the staff that represents this school.. full satisfied.