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By Willie Granderson Iii on Jan 19, 2022

I love the energy. I have learned so much about the media business. when I first started I didn't know how how to do nothing. Now. I mean now I'm a beast. I can control a whole radio show now. Get in tune.

By Keith Conway on Jan 19, 2022

One of the best experiences I’ve had. Learning while actually doing the work helps bring the value and quality of the experiences to the highest level. The teachers are all hands on and unique in their own way. Great school!!!


Very professional and resourceful place. The people a very friendly and educated. Ask for Tinka‼️‼️‼️

By Iammaurice_ Everett on Jan 11, 2022

By Mikah Danjuma on Dec 24, 2021

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By Mozart Mehu on Oct 01, 2021

From, The Dustin’s..(Lingemann & Rhodes) to Jamie H. Diana.. Hannah B and Neil ; John Norton.. this establishment creates a world 🌎 beyond your wildest expectations: dreams and beyond. 😪😮‍💨

By Brent Plum on Sep 29, 2021

By Ashley Danyell on Sep 29, 2021

Very supportive throughout the whole time you go to school here! And they really care and keep in touch with you once your an alumni! Their eager to see everyone succeed and rise to their true potential.

By Shanelle Ridgley (Mrs. Shanelle) on Sep 28, 2021

I’m a returning student! I left because of the unprofessional services! The school was cliqued up and though this industry requires networking, I feel like if you weren’t locked in you got the short end of the teaching. Don’t get me wrong, some of the instructors were dope, while some were garbage! I stayed discouraged and eventually left. I’m back and it’s still not worth giving my financial aid or my hard earned cash! You only get 1 hour teaching and homework due the next day! While this is a fast paced environment, you can’t even complete assignments because of the faulty and limited equipment! The director of campus Chicago blocked me from my classes at one time and had me logging in as a guest other times, preventing me from chatting with my group and receiving assignments! She even tried to slander my name and exaggerated the truth! I reached out to the better business bureau and to NelNet to see if they can help. Today. I emailed a director and I’m waiting for a response! I like to deal with facts and I’m straight forward, so hopefully we can get a resolution! I won’t say that it’s a bad school, As with anything else I would just suggest you research and choose wisely before you dive in! I’m giving a second chance because I want to finish what I started, but I tell you, everytime Im there, I question myself WHY DID I ENROLL HERE, OF ALL PLACES? I’m ready to GIVE UP AGAIN!

By Duval Harden on Sep 21, 2021

Love the dedication and expertise all the staff and instructors show day in and day out. The perfect place for anyone that's interested in getting their dreams off the ground and taking that chance that may just change their life if you're ready and willing to commit and just have an open mind!!!

By akeya muhammad on Sep 15, 2021

By Kalayah Smith on Sep 15, 2021

I love this school so much, they really show you how to do everything like filming, editing, and building your brand

By Rachel Arias on Sep 10, 2021

By chris slattery on Sep 09, 2021

I learned a lot at Illinois media school better than going to a regular college and I like it a lot because I’m learning a lot and stuff

By FBE INC. Entertainment on Aug 31, 2021

By Shadow Christiansen on Aug 24, 2021

IMS is a great school for any aspiring media professional. I appreciate the staff most, always looking out for me when life hits. They're like my family. I'm excited for the journey and will continue to do the work.

By Glynisha Shiel on Aug 23, 2021

By Rauls Jackson on Aug 18, 2021

Great experience so far in my journey

By Glacier Ice Beats on Aug 18, 2021

By Rollin Rick on Aug 05, 2021

Bro since I started this school I learned great skills to help me advance my youtube/ streamer skills.