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By Jamorris A. on Jul 24, 2024

I've been attending close to a month and from the moment they reached out to me it's been nothing but support and outpouring love.

By Gary R. on Jul 24, 2024

Illinois Media school is one of the best schools in the Chicago land are. The staff here is very welcoming very knowledgeable very hospitable. From the first day I've been learning from how to record a radio commercial to the rule of 3rds!! I would strongly advise anyone interested in the radio/ tv digital marketing field this is the place for you!!

By Jamorris Allison on Jul 24, 2024

I’ve been attending close to a month and from the moment they reached out to me it’s been nothing but support and outpouring love.

By Gary Robinson on Jul 24, 2024

This place is literally a one stop shop!!! Great teachers great staff great students. All around great place to learn your craft!

By Teisha Luttery on Jul 16, 2024

I love I’m able to creative in media

By Teisha L. on Jul 16, 2024

I love I'm able to be creative in media school and make new connevtions. Excited To see where Ims chicago takes me.

By Alexis on Jul 09, 2024

What an experience! I love attending this school. From the staff to the hands on experience. I can’t truly put in words the experience but amazing about sums it up. Shout out to the staff for making sure we’re on our stuff. Jasmine for everything that she does!

By Allen G. on Jul 02, 2024

IMS is the greatest entity in my life outside of God. This school has opened a door that I have been preparing for for the last twenty four years.

By Alyshia ShiftHappens on Jun 27, 2024

Enrolling in this school has been the best step I've made to become the best version of myself! I've just started and every day gets better and betterer!!

By CasanovaFontain on Jun 25, 2024

Been here for a while I love it here. I’m making great videos.

By Shaquille T. on Jun 19, 2024

Illinois media school is the best decision I have made in my life I love the hands on learning and the program.

By Tayy Moneyy on Jun 19, 2024

Beautiful School !

By Shaquille Tate on Jun 19, 2024

This school the best choice I’ve ever made. I like the hands on work and the programs they offer is helpful. The staff is great and the equipment is nice.

By Gumero Grisby on Jun 18, 2024

Great school, great atmosphere, great people, Great Enhancing and Advancing in life.

By Tasia P. on Jun 18, 2024

One of the best to get started on your journey in media...Awesome staff great students and its an environment where you feel welcome as you start your Media journey!

By Torrence S. on Jun 18, 2024

This school is one of the best schools I've ever attended in my academic career I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to learn Radio, Television, Broadcast or Video production. The instructor's are top notch. I am really enjoying being a student again. Comedian Torrence Scales

By monee mclermore on Jun 13, 2024

By Crystal L. on Jun 13, 2024

Great school and phenomenal staff! Comprehensive and hands on learning experience. Will recommend to more people.

By Eddie Boens on Jun 13, 2024

By Netta AllDay on Jun 11, 2024

It’s very amazing!